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Barracuda 945

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What would happen if terrorists were able to access a nuclear submarine that is virtually undetectable? Patrick Robinson, the author, submerges us into such a possibility with this riveting thriller that is Barracuda 945. From the conversion of Major Ray Kerman, highly skilled SAS operative, into General Ravi Rashood, HAMAS commander on a revenge mission, the plot has us turning pages up to the last one.

To its credit, the novel deviates from the usual angle of mass civilian bombing to that of economic sabotage. Consequently, the author has the terrorists interrupt oil flow in the West Coast of the good ol’ US of A- herein portrayed as the Great Satan by General Rashood and his ilk. This has far reaching implications across the country and beyond such as the capitals of Europe whereby millions are either made or lost in the stock exchange, a fact which the terrorists are blissfully ignorant of in their underwater fort.

General Rashood has a formidable adversary in one Admiral Arnold Morgan, the National Security Advisor to the president; though he is able to keep one step ahead of the manwith meticulous planning. In this, of course, he is aided by his stunning princess Shakira Rashood. Grab the book at your local store or Amazon for the intricate details. All in all, the book is a great read.

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