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Ala C- Kama wimbo: A review

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Mi nakatika nakatika mi nakatika…
Miaka inavosonga nazidi kuwa mzae
Inabidi kupanga maisha ya baadaye
Mi nsaka nyumba iko wapi pesa
Mi nataka pia gari; Mi nasaka mchumba
Yuko wapi mwenza; Mi nataka pia kumarry…

(As the tears pass by, old age is creeping on me
I realise I have to plan for my future
I am looking for a house, but there is no money
I want a car too and a fiancée to boot
Where is my other half as I have to get married?)

This is the lament of one Ala C in the catchy tune ‘Kama Wimbo’- Like a song. In this catchy tune, we have a common man, a handcart puller, sharing his dreams. He is worried that age is creeping up on him yet he has no one to marry. Fortunately, there is a house help falling hard for him in one of the estates where he vends water. However, she is getting a hard time from her lady boss as far as her love affair is concerned. In the end though, she abruptly resigns and rides off into the sunset with her lover atop his ride- the mkokoteni.

The video is high quality and the theme easy to identify with. This is because, despite our different stations in life, every man has the same aspirations; namely to have a good life and a good wife by his side. The song being in the style of genge, the artiste has done well to steer away from raunchy lyrics commonly associated with this genre.

Definitely a good listen.

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