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Shake It Up Combo manenos

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What is your weekend plan? If you are a typical Kenyan, then you live for the weekend. Know the drill? Monday blues. Tuesday catching up on work. Wednesday crush things. Thursday throwbacks… on to Saturday.  The plan: nyama choma with lots of kachumbari, football, a cold frothy beverage…

Well, Steers is now pumping a little weekend into every weekday, Monday included. This is courtesy of their Shake It Up Combo- beef kachumbari, burger, medium chips and a large shake (my fav is strawberry, finger licking yumminess!).

What is good about this combo? Let me break it down for you. For someone raised on combos (combi- if you will, high school lingo, and no funny memes while we are on the subject), this offer is godsend.

  • Primo: githeri, avocado, BB
  • Seco: Disc (chapo) that has swallowed a samosa; else, mandazi pregnant with a slice of avocado…
  • Beyond seco: nyama choma, kachumbari, chapos…

See how Steers were missing out on a large niche market of ‘combo’  (Psss… ‘Kombo’ means crooked in Swahili) people? Well, yippee! We finally have been recognised.

And the highlight of this story? Meeting Mwalimu Rachel124 live-live (mwarimu witu tisha, niweka wega good…) and the HBR 103.5 FM Crew at Steers, Uchumi Ngong Road, a combo of deliciousness in music and food.  Enyewe, she is more beautiful in real life than in billboards, but do I say!

Anyhu, hurry there and grab your Shake It Up Combo while the kachumbari lasts. And big up to the skates guy for the coupon. For thee unlucky fellow, the combo is affordable. 600 Kenyan shillings.


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