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3E vs 3S: Petty Nairobi politics

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As we count down to August 8th, 2017 when Kenyans vote en masse, Nairobi is split right down in the middle. On the red corner is the youthful and flashy Mike Sonko and his troops, while on the blue corner (more of orange, really) is the stoic Evans Kidero and his brigade. In short, 3E vs 3S – Sonko, Sakaja, Shebesh vs Evans, Edwin, Esther. But this post is not about Nairobi politics. Rather, it is about my friend Edu.

Now, Edu, a school mate in high school, can get pretty petty when it comes to politics. Whereas the average Nairobian will be voting along tribal lines, party affiliation, ideology (SMH) or candidate’s performance (gubernatorial debates, work, perception) or such other consideration that guides or misguides our politics, Edu is above (or below) such. He is voting for the 3S: Sonko, Sakaja and Shebesh.

Now, back in high school, we were Northerners – 1North, 2North 3North and so on. Now, us Northerners and Westerners were just regular guys (the Hufflepuffs and the Ravenclaws, supporting cast if you will). Not so for the Southerners and the Easterners. While the Southerners were the troublemakers – strikes’ ringleaders, instigators, drug abusers, book thieves and metal boxes’ breakers – the ‘defectors’ were mostly Easterners. Which is to say that the Easterners were the school’s administration’s spies, selling out their fellow students for prefects-ship. In summary, the Easterners were the Slytherins of our high school days while the Southerners were the Gryffindors.

And it is for this reason that my friend Edu is rooting for Team 3S: Sonko, Sakaja, Shebesh. Talk about pettiness!

admin3E vs 3S: Petty Nairobi politics

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