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Superdad (to the tune of ‘Superdad’, 2 ½ Men)

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Dad, on weed, high as a kite
Thought he was superman, picked a fight
Got a black eye dark as night
50 miles per hour, was his flight.

On that night, he gave us such a fright
With sleight of hand, became a knight
His step sprite, his alibi airtight
Such a sight to see him fight and bite.

When it was daylight
We thought it was a bombsite
Egg white, frost bite and leaf blight
Lesson, ‘never bring knives to a gunfight!’

My dad thought he was a superdad
My bad; such a dog beatin’ he had
Now sad, now mad, he sings in a band
He now wants to be a grand dad.

adminSuperdad (to the tune of ‘Superdad’, 2 ½ Men)

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