Ala C- Kama wimbo: A review

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Mi nakatika nakatika mi nakatika…
Miaka inavosonga nazidi kuwa mzae
Inabidi kupanga maisha ya baadaye
Mi nsaka nyumba iko wapi pesa
Mi nataka pia gari; Mi nasaka mchumba
Yuko wapi mwenza; Mi nataka pia kumarry…

(As the tears pass by, old age is creeping on me
I realise I have to plan for my future
I am looking for a house, but there is no money
I want a car too and a fiancée to boot
Where is my other half as I have to get married?)

This is the lament of one Ala C in the catchy tune ‘Kama Wimbo’- Like a song. In this catchy tune, we have a common man, a handcart puller, sharing his dreams. He is worried that age is creeping up on him yet he has no one to marry. Fortunately, there is a house help falling hard for him in one of the estates where he vends water. However, she is getting a hard time from her lady boss as far as her love affair is concerned. In the end though, she abruptly resigns and rides off into the sunset with her lover atop his ride- the mkokoteni.

The video is high quality and the theme easy to identify with. This is because, despite our different stations in life, every man has the same aspirations; namely to have a good life and a good wife by his side. The song being in the style of genge, the artiste has done well to steer away from raunchy lyrics commonly associated with this genre.

Definitely a good listen.

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Barracuda 945

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What would happen if terrorists were able to access a nuclear submarine that is virtually undetectable? Patrick Robinson, the author, submerges us into such a possibility with this riveting thriller that is Barracuda 945. From the conversion of Major Ray Kerman, highly skilled SAS operative, into General Ravi Rashood, HAMAS commander on a revenge mission, the plot has us turning pages up to the last one.

To its credit, the novel deviates from the usual angle of mass civilian bombing to that of economic sabotage. Consequently, the author has the terrorists interrupt oil flow in the West Coast of the good ol’ US of A- herein portrayed as the Great Satan by General Rashood and his ilk. This has far reaching implications across the country and beyond such as the capitals of Europe whereby millions are either made or lost in the stock exchange, a fact which the terrorists are blissfully ignorant of in their underwater fort.

General Rashood has a formidable adversary in one Admiral Arnold Morgan, the National Security Advisor to the president; though he is able to keep one step ahead of the manwith meticulous planning. In this, of course, he is aided by his stunning princess Shakira Rashood. Grab the book at your local store or Amazon for the intricate details. All in all, the book is a great read.

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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“MONDAY morning found Tom Sawyer miserable. Monday morning always found him so — because it began another week’s slow suffering in school. He generally began that day with wishing he had had no intervening holiday, it made the going into captivity and fetters again so much more odious.”

The first paragraph of Chapter Six is forever etched in my mind and I am sure it’s a representation world over of the trepidation people feel when Monday looms. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a light hearted, yet thought provoking poke at what makes us human. It enraptures us with the adventures of a boy allergic to school- a necessary evil, so to speak- who, at the end, shows us that ingenuity and a resilient spirit can move mountains.

The characters are outstanding too. There is poor Aunt Molly who has a hard time containing her mischievous nephew; though she has her revenge when, in the vivid imagery of the author, “The old lady made one end of the silk thread fast to Tom’s tooth with a loop and tied the other to the bedpost. Then she seized the chunk of fire and suddenly thrust it almost into the boy’s face. The tooth hung dangling by the bedpost, now.”

There is Jim, who, together with others, unwittingly helps Tom whitewash their face- three coats of whitewash at that to the utter amazement of Aunt Polly who attributes it to the lazy fellow! There is Huckleberry Finn, whom the schoolchildren are not supposed to talk to, Becky Thatcher, Sid, Joe Harper and Injun Joe who commits a murder and lets another man be hanged for it; almost as Tom saves the day and has to live in terror up to the last page of the book.

All in all, the book is an easy read, engaging and follows the compassionate acts of a boy trying to be just a boy. And just to get you in the mood for the book, you might want to listen to the tune ‘In the sweet by and by.’

The book is a classic and is authored by Mark Twain, the pseudonym of one Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

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