Surviving hate

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The first rule of surviving hate
Is to be like hate, speaking like hate
Louder and longer
Own the hate and survive it.

To survive hate, you must be ready
To lose your conscious and your mind
Your desires and your will
Embrace hate as a brother.

And as the hate gnaws at your soul
Creeping into the essence that is the self
Mutating, a rebirth of darkness
Will you be at one with hate.

And dark thoughts will fill your skull
A scavenger, running away from light
A mannequin unacquainted with loving
For hate demands you lose humanity.

adminSurviving hate
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The paper bag man

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With the paper bag ban
The paper is divorced from the man
And the man needs to bag another wife
For his wife has banned him from all things sweets
Sugar bags and pineapples and all things cookies.

The government tells him to go green
And this has put his mind on a loop
Green with envy at his job loss?
Methinks it means the colour of money
Making it rain- dollars and rain rain.

Now the paper bag man is conscious
He has discovered the kiondo and the eco-bag
And now his old wife has new love for him
He has paid school fees and rent
In her new container, he pours sweet things.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court awaits him…

adminThe paper bag man
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She loves

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Her laughter, it disturbs
High pitched, creepy
Smacks of vice and lust
First impressions…

But when the heart stills
Listens, unclouded
There is pain in the laughing
Tears waiting to be shed.

She loves.

She loves, this feeling, she cannot understand
She loves his gaze, his way with words
His way with her, how comely, is his smile.

Oh, she loves!

How her heart quickens, at his sighting
Her mind fuzzy, his face comely
She builds castles, at his voice
She loves, that which shouldn’t be loved.

She knows she is to be broken
Mind and heart, body and spirit
Tomorrow, her life blues
But today, she loves
Safe and warm.

adminShe loves
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The Wall

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For some
The wall is
For others
The wall is
Your pick is
An accident of birth.

adminThe Wall
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Peace to serenity

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Peace is, a feeling of security
But contentment is more
Knowing that one matters
And that all matters
Yet, none matters
That we are fleeting shadows
Gods of our miniverse
In that, is serenity borne.

adminPeace to serenity
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General erections

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Looming large, general erections
In this Kenya, our peculiar nation
The foreplay, nominations
For those in a hurry, eliminations
Elections and erections, the difference is the same.

The ultimate aphrodisiac, power
And to get there, they devour
For they are blinded, in their ivory tower
The voter remembered only, at the eleventh hour
Elections and erections, the difference is the same.

Flattery and seduction, the name of the game
Else their opponents, they maim, they defame
Violence and thuggery, their supporters, they inflame
And if all fails, a scandal, they frame
Elections and erections, the difference is the same.

This time around, the voter swears he has learnt
The politician’s selfishness, his fingers have burnt
Ever wily, the politician waves the tribal card
Wild and mad, the voter’s principles, he discards
Elections and erections, the difference is the same.

adminGeneral erections
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Look and See

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Look at that thing
Dirty and smelly
Infectious with disease
Wretched of the earth…
See the brotherly love
The laughter and the banter
As they scrounge the city’s bins
And share the morsels, little as they are.

Look at the polished gentleman
His words, sweet as honey
Swaying crowds with rehearsed oratory
Leading lambs to their slaughter…
See his heart, black as ice, night as dark
He plots, he plunders, he murders
His conscience leased to the devil
His wealth-being, his one concern.

And so, I pray Lord
That when I look, your grace, amazing
Suffice, that I may not be blinded
And my eyes can see.


Photo credit: Pirotek via VisualHunt.com /  CC BY-NC-SA
adminLook and See
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The Awoken

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We have tasted of freedom
And so we refuse to be cowed
And to bow down
And to be shackled
To rigid ideologies
And man’s other manipulations.

We have abandoned religious dogma
And discarded political fervour
We have rejected laws unjust
Shut our minds to sweet words
divorced from principles
And hollow principles, devoid of action.

We are thorough in our demand
For justice unbridled, equity uncompromised
Our eyes are wide open to truth
Our minds free, our voices strong
We hunger and thirst for change
For we are The Awoken.

adminThe Awoken
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The rain god weeps

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The rain god weeps
Tears of hurt and anger
She weeps for her murdered children- the trees
Cut down to fuel man’s avarice
The rain god weeps dry tears.

And so the land is parched
Crops wither, carrion abound, vultures gather
Contrite, man seeks to appease
But the rain god is angry
And her tears are dry.

adminThe rain god weeps
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Curves make rainbows
Father Sun and Mother Moon
and jazzy twinkling stars
Things bright and beautiful.

Curves make cowrie shells
Sea shells from Seychelles
the octopus and the frilled shark
Creatures great and small.

Curves adorn the temples of kings
As crowns, volutes and cornices
Lady Justice and Lady Freedom
Things wise and wonderful.

So when your life takes a curve
Know a miracle beckons
Wondrous and uplifting
For blessings come rounded.

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